Treatment Plant High Service Pump: Completed

In October 2016 Harmar Water bid out the installation of a new high service pump for the treatment plant. The new pump will be installed with a variable frequency drive that will allow the pump to run more efficiently. As the demand changes the drive will adjust the pump to increase or decrease pumping. It will also reduce electrical costs related to pumping. We anticipate the pump to be installed in the Spring of 2017.


Treatment Plant Caustic Room Addition: Completed

We applied for a grant through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. We were approved by the Allegheny County Economic Development. The work will include a new addition to the treatment plant. This addition will have a caustic containment area that will allow for proper storage of our caustic soda used in the treatment process.


Changes to chapter 109.710 Safe Drinking Water Rule:

The PA DEP has proposed changes to the Safe Drinking Water Rule to increase residual chlorine disinfectant from .02 to .2 mg/l. This will ensure proper disinfection throughout the distribution system.  We have increased our chlorine feed at the treatment plant in order to comply with these regulations. Click the link below for more inform ation regarding the changes.

Link to proposed changes: Sources AWWA and Aqua

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