Frequently asked  Questions and Answers

Q: How do I start/switch water service to my name?

 A: You can either download the application from this site under the Forms section, or come to the office located at 200 Pearl Ave. If you are an owner we will ask you for proof of ownership and identification. If you are a tenant a $90.00 deposit is required and you will have to get the owner to sign the tenant application.

Q: How Can i check for a water leak?

 A: Turn off all water in the house. Locate the meter in your house, most of the time they are in the basement. On the meter is a leak detection indicator, it is a red circle or triangle. If everything in the house is off and the indicator is moving then you have a leak. Or, you can read your meter before you go to bed, and then again when you wake up. If the reading has any difference then you have a leak.

Most leaks occur in the toilet, because they are not as obvious as a faucet leaking. One test that you can do for a toilet leaking is to put food color dye in the back holding tank of your toilet. Then wait about 10 minutes and don't flush. If the dye leaks into the front bowl then your toilet is leaking. If you are not capable of fixing the leak yourself then contact a plumber.  

Q: What part of the water line is the customer responsible for?

 A: The Authorities responsibility stops at the curb box located outside of a customers home. This is the location that we use to shut water off for repairs and delinquents. The service line inside and out (up to the curb box) are the customers responsiblity.

Q W:hat do I do if i notice my clothes become stained by discolored water?

 A: Sometimes after a water break, water will be slightly discolored. If you happen to wash clothes at this time and they become discolored, you can contact us at the office and will provide you with iron out to get rid of the stains. Avoid using any type of bleach or detergent with bleach. You can use a phosphate based detergent to loosen the dirt from the fibers such as Calgon, Climaline or Borax.

Q: What type of payments does Harmar Water accept?

A: Harmar Water Authority accepts cash, check, money order, or you can pay by credit card at the office or online under Pay My Bill section.

Q: Is there Flouride in my water?

A: We do not add any flouride to the water.