The source of our water are three wells that draw from the alluvial deposits in the Allegheny Valley Aquifer, a glacial deposit of sand and gravel along the present day banks of the Allegheny River. The water is then pumped through our State of the Art Ozone Treatment System. (We are currently working to upgrade our ozone treatment process.) The ozone is used for coagulation of iron and manganese and early disinfection. The water then travels to our traveling filter bed that is composed of anthracite and sand. Once the iron and manganese are filtered out sodium hydroxide is added to balance PH. Gaseous chlorine is then added for disinfection before entering our clear well.

Then after the water is pumped out of the plant and before it reaches the consumer, it is sent to one of our four water storage facilities. The Locust Hill tank which is shown above is a 500,000 Elevated storage facility, which helps to maintan the pressure that we need for the area. 

The data that we need in order to keep our tank levels accurate and to keep enough   water for our customers is transmitted from our tanks to our Treatment Plant through Environmentally safe radio signals that are powered by solar panels. ) system to allow for more efficient data management.